Email Answering Services Abroad

January 15, 2009

The experienced customer support executives at Life Smile are highly trained and proficient in handling customer-initiated telephone calls for client specific programs ranging from providing billing information, product or service information, aggregating response to direct marketing advertisements, from simple welcome calls to calls pertaining to surveys, verifications, lead generation, collections, etc. In a nutshell, Life Smile inbound voice based service offering includes:

Answering Service

  1. Phone Answering Service
  2. Welcome answering Service
  3. Product Information Requests
  4. Toll Free- 800 Answering Services
  5. Medical Answering Services

Technical Support/ Help desk services: Life Smile’s technical support offerings include round-the-clock or working hours basis technical support and problem resolution for computer hardware, software, peripherals and Internet infrastructure manufacturing companies and other business. These include installation and product support, up & running support, troubleshooting and usage support etc. The help-desk services provide technical and non-technical problem resolution services. Life Smile services include-

Troubleshooting for products and services
Complaint and suggestions registration

Customer support services: Life Smile customer service offerings create a virtual customer service center to manage customer concerns and queries through multiple channels including voice, e-mail and chat on round-the-clock or working hours basis. The wide range of services offered by Life Smile include-

  • Customer Service Application / Claims processing
  • Feedback collection for products / service / campaign etc
  • Polling / Media analysis and surveys
  • Subscription services- new and renewal
  • Effective up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers during call
  • Product enquiries and information- general and specific
  • Pre-sales, Post-sales & Order fulfillment for products and services
  • Order taking and Sales processing
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling
  • Documentations and payment queries
  • Post-sales product support – general and specific
  • Registering changes in customer account information etc.
  • Billing Information
  • Payment information
  • Handling queries on account balance
  • Guiding customers in collecting information
  • Inquiry Service
  • Product / Service information requests
  • Dealer and service center locator information service
  • ATM / POS locator service, etc.
  • Enrollment and reservations services
  • Welcome calls, registration and enrollment for campaign and events etc.

Email Answering Services Abroad


Life Smile Support Services

January 6, 2009

Life Smile specializes in providing effective customer support that is inevitably integral to the success of any business organization. In the world of fierce business competition, survival is the keyword – which involves not only a vibrant and dynamic attitude while carrying out the business but also ensuring a flawless customer support service because no matter 100 or 10000- whatever number of phone calls or Emails you receive per day, just one missed phone call or an Email can be a missed business opportunity, and with Life Smile you will find an inbound call center to be a professional and cost effective extension of your business. Life Smile inbound call center services will cater to your customer support needs and our efficient answering service will also allow you to be confident when you are away from your office, not carrying the worries about your business …knowing that all your calls and Emails are being answered promptly, professionally, and courteously by Life Smile.

Email Answering Services
Phone Support Services
Chat Support Services
Back Office Services
Plans and Prices

Support Services…

Business Process Outsourcing

September 6, 2008

A business process can be defined as a set of interrelated tasks linked to an activity that spans functional boundaries. Outsourcing is contracting with another company or person to do a particular function. Almost every organization outsources in some way.

Life Smile India is one of the lading providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in India, which provide world-class services to the customers. Life Smile India has both the customer services and back office operations. Our passion is dedicating our global resources, BPO industry intelligence and system expertise to work with our clients and make their business stronger. We achieve this by transforming end-to-end process, balancing the need for improved efficiency with the delivery of an effective service experience. We are able to provide the best quality outsourcing services to clients.

Business Process Outsourcing…

Outbound Services: Outbound Services known as telemarketing is the act of selling, soliciting or promoting a product or service over a telephone. Our goal here goes beyond the basic objective of sales. We help you establish lifelong relationship with your customers. Life Smile India is capable of selling any product, services, solutions etc.

Outbound Services…

Inbound Services: Customer services are referred as Inbound. The Life Smile India support in inbound call centre will always respond to your clients, customers or prospects in a timely, polite and professional manner. You will be able to contact us any time with any question related to our services. We have asterisk software to offer you best voice quality. Through inbound we also perform sales through up-selling and cross selling.

Inbound Services…

Back Office Service: Back office operations are the Off-site delivery of a range of non-core services functions, including routine administration tasks, customer service and technical support.

Life Smile India offers variety of back office processes in a cost effective way. We have got trained and experienced professionals to take care of your back office services.

Back Office Service…

KPO: Knowledge Process Outsourcing

September 2, 2008

KPO is referred as “Knowledge Processing Outsourcing“. KPO is one step ahead of Business Processing Outsourcing. KPO is more advanced version of offshore outsourcing than BPO. As its name says it all, KPO Services is a processing of complex data i.e. knowledge, rather than just the raw data. Knowledge Processing Outsourcing comprises of more advanced specialized knowledge Data Manipulation, Data Analysis and Data Research.

Life Smile India is an Offshore outsourcing consulting company based in India, providing cost effective, time bound and value added services for Knowledge Intensive Business Process that require specialized domain expertise. 

Life Smile India helps you in real sense to make more money by reducing your costs. Life Smile India delivers cost effective and reliable systems. Life Smile India provides knowledge, suggestions and industry insight so that better support services to our clients can be provided.

Life Smile India KPO service offerings include following major services:

*       Business Research Processing

*       Marketing Research Processing

*       Business and Technical Analysis

*       Data Analytics

*       Pharma and Healthcare Research Processing

*       Financial Services Research Processing

*       Human Resources Research Processing

*       Legal Research Processing

*       Intellectual Property (IP) Research Processing



Web/ Tele Survey & Statistics

August 14, 2008

Life Smile India conducts statistical surveys which are used in many social science, marketing reserch, political polling, and official statistics. A survey may focus on opinions or factual information depending on its purpose, and many surveys involve administering questions to individuals. These paid surveys may be sent by market research companies to the panel members in order to conduct research for large companies. These surveys may be audience reponse systems that are used by various organization to gauge public opinion on new products, commercicals, television shows, motion pictures, politics, and electronic presentations. There are several ways of administering a survey, Life Smile India  provides facilitation of surveys through following two methods using own infrastructure –

  1. Online Surveys :-  With the increasing use of the Internet, online survey has become a popular way to collect information from a large number of respondents, analyze the target attendee’s response and take crucial decisions accordingly:-
    Very low cost
    Extremely fast
    Complex questioning assures better data
    Anonymity of respondents results in more honest answers to sensitive topics
    Respondents provide more detail to open-ended questions.
    Survey software simplifies compilation and analysis of data collected.
  2. Telephone :- This surveys are used to collect information and gain feedback via the        telephone.
    Reach 96% of all homes
    the interviewer can keep questions from being skipped or missed
    a telephone survey offers the ability to survey hard to reach groups.


Web/ Tele Survey & Statistics….

Back Office Services

July 14, 2008

A back office is a part of most corporations where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place. The term comes from the building layout of early companies where the front office would contain the sales and other customer-facing staff and the back office would be those manufacturing or developing the products or involved in administration but without being seen by customers.

Back office operations are the off-site delivery of a range of non-core service functions, including routine administration tasks, customer service and technical support. Offshore back office operations involve the ongoing use of an outsourcing base in another country.

Life Smile India offers variety of back office processes in a cost effective way. Our back office services are focused around customer-centric processes and are applicable across different verticals including insurance, banking and financial services, technology, telecom, retail, travel and hospitality. We have got trained and experienced professionals to take care of your back office services. We will be glad to assist you with your specific requirements. With our Back Office Services, we efficiently and accurately handle all the back office functions. 


Back Office Services…

Holistic Health Care

July 12, 2008

The definition of Holistic is considering the whole person and their personal situation, their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Holistic health care includes alternative natural health remedies, like herbal healing, and an abundance of health and wellness products and services. Holistic health is not itself a method of treatment, but is an approach to how treatment should be applied.

Life Smile India offers a range of massage & natural therapies and treatments including:

Life Smile India is dedicated to providing personal health and wellness solutions for all, and is able to offer a range of massage & natural therapies, natural products and natural supplements, tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring maximum benefit for a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle. Life Smile India uses healthy and sustainable practices and products.


Holistic Health Care…