Back Office Services

A back office is a part of most corporations where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place. The term comes from the building layout of early companies where the front office would contain the sales and other customer-facing staff and the back office would be those manufacturing or developing the products or involved in administration but without being seen by customers.

Back office operations are the off-site delivery of a range of non-core service functions, including routine administration tasks, customer service and technical support. Offshore back office operations involve the ongoing use of an outsourcing base in another country.

Life Smile India offers variety of back office processes in a cost effective way. Our back office services are focused around customer-centric processes and are applicable across different verticals including insurance, banking and financial services, technology, telecom, retail, travel and hospitality. We have got trained and experienced professionals to take care of your back office services. We will be glad to assist you with your specific requirements. With our Back Office Services, we efficiently and accurately handle all the back office functions. 


Back Office Services…


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