Web/ Tele Survey & Statistics

Life Smile India conducts statistical surveys which are used in many social science, marketing reserch, political polling, and official statistics. A survey may focus on opinions or factual information depending on its purpose, and many surveys involve administering questions to individuals. These paid surveys may be sent by market research companies to the panel members in order to conduct research for large companies. These surveys may be audience reponse systems that are used by various organization to gauge public opinion on new products, commercicals, television shows, motion pictures, politics, and electronic presentations. There are several ways of administering a survey, Life Smile India  provides facilitation of surveys through following two methods using own infrastructure –

  1. Online Surveys :-  With the increasing use of the Internet, online survey has become a popular way to collect information from a large number of respondents, analyze the target attendee’s response and take crucial decisions accordingly:-
    Very low cost
    Extremely fast
    Complex questioning assures better data
    Anonymity of respondents results in more honest answers to sensitive topics
    Respondents provide more detail to open-ended questions.
    Survey software simplifies compilation and analysis of data collected.
  2. Telephone :- This surveys are used to collect information and gain feedback via the        telephone.
    Reach 96% of all homes
    the interviewer can keep questions from being skipped or missed
    a telephone survey offers the ability to survey hard to reach groups.


Web/ Tele Survey & Statistics….


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