About Us

Life Smile, founded in 2004, registered with Government of India as limited company is a professionally managed, diversified enterprise engaged in four core segments of life- Health care, Biotechnology, Information technology, ITes, Education and training.

The Information Technology and ITes team at Life Smile is being headed by a group of highly experienced Infotech and business management professionals.

The health care and Biotechnology team at Life Smile is being managed by medical and life sciences professionals with more than 18 years of individual experience in Indian health care and pharma industry.

The education and training team at Life Smile is being managed by senior experts in the field of education sector in India.

At Life Smile our commitment is to deliver high quality services always, our belief in values and dedication towards achieving the best is reflected in our work and client satisfaction. We believe in achievements through team work and with the help of modern sophisticated technology our highly experienced teams of professionals contribute to the corporate performance by process of learning, development and overall growth.

You are welcome to write to Life Smile team at: lifesmile@gmail.com


One Response to About Us

  1. Mrs Tonia Olukoya says:

    DEAR DR,

    We live in the UK and wishes to travel to India for fertility treatment and possible IVF treatment.

    I am well over 40 years and wonders if you take poeple of my age. I will like to have your brochures detailing cost and all that is involved including travel arrangements especially from UK. I am aware cost will differ depending on individual case but I guess you would have some basic cost.

    Please advice as we plan to commence our treatment before the year runs out.

    Thank you.

    Mrs Tonia Olukoya
    6 Dagenham Avenue
    RM9 6LD

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