Global Medical Tourism

July 10, 2008

Medical Tourism is simply obtaining medical or surgical services while traveling or vacationing in another country.

Medical Tourism is a developing concept whereby people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care.

Life Smile India is dedicated to helping you get the surgery that you may not be able to afford in the states or in Europe. Whether you are looking for cosmetic surgery, or knee replacement, dental work or something as extensive as cardiac surgery, our network of highly skilled doctors and medical professionals in India can handle most any surgery.

Our primary aim is to facilitate the highest standard of quality medical treatment & patient care at a cost which is affordable and enjoyable.


Global Medical Tourism…


Software Development & Customization

July 7, 2008

Software development is the key to success in this highly competitive world of business.

Life Smile India is leading Offshore Software Development Company in India, we have specialize skills in Software Development India, Custom Software Development, E-commerce Software Development using .NET, C#.NET, PHP, Open Source, JAVA, J2ME, J2EE, Oracle, Mobile Application.

Life Smile India has expertise in building Enterprise class offshore software solutions using technology from Microsoft .Net, Oracle and Java Platforms. Life Smile India software developer teams are bound by a single factor: dedication and loyalty that enables us to manage our resources effectively & efficiently. Life Smile India believes in team work where every team member is accountable for his deeds. Life Smile India offers onsite and offsite / outsourcing services including offshore services in a professional and cost effective manner.
We have domain expertise in Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, e-Governance, School Management, Accounting, and Mobile Technologies.


Software Development & Customization…..